Happy New Year!  Well, I snuck out of hibernation for this special shoot. I've known Audrey nearly 4 years now thanks to The Bar Method (she co-owns the Walnut Creek and San Ramon studios).  She's been a great supporter of my photography and a woman I find inspiring for her fitness and business savvy .  I'm lucky to have her friendship.     

Baby girl "A" came 5-weeks early! An early Christmas present for Mom and Dad. Baby "A" entered this world into anxious, joyful arms, and is surrounded by love and admiration.   I had the pleasure of photographing her at the ripe old age of five weeks.  :)  (Coincidentally, I took the photos on her actually due date!) And guess where Baby "A"’s favorite place to be is?? Yes, in the arms of Mommy or Daddy!  

Audrey & Justin,  I am so happy for you!  I can't wait to take more and more photos of your growing family! xo, Stacey


Bath time!

This is a special heirloom of Audrey's family.  Her father had this toy dragon when he was a child, and it has since been passed on to Audrey and Baby "A."


And what would a "M" family post be without a pic of Simon.  I have to say, I got a ton of fun photos of Simon.  I could've done a whole post on Simon playing chase and resting under his favorite tree--(how cool would it be to have that tree in your backyard?)