Ohhh..I have missed you sweet blog of mine. :)  January was suppose to be my month off after my hectic busy season.  But I have been busy shooting: a Bat Mitzvah, commercial photos for Bar Method, boudoir sessions for Valentine's Day, amongst other things.  I also went to Imaging USA in San Antonio, TX to join my BFF from Oklahoma City and met some amazing photographers whom I now call friends. :) I am very excited about what 2011 holds including: upcoming weddings, engagements, more boudoirs, child and family sessions, maternity and newborn sessions.

So since I haven't done a personal blog in a LONGGGG time, I thought I would take the next post or 2 to let you know what my family has been up to.  

On Super Bowl Sunday morning, Erik ran an 1/2 marathon in San Francisco. The fam got up at 6:00 am for an 8:00 am start time.  Charlie had the quote of the day,  "Daddy, DON'T EVER WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT AGAIN!"  I guess he takes after his mommy. :)  But as you can see, he was VERY happy to see his Daddy at the finish line.  Oh... did I mention the unseasonably gorgeous weather we had.  It was 68 degrees when we drove in and 82 degrees at the close of the race.

After we dropped Erik off at the start, the boys and I hung out at a very quaint (yes very quaint) yet charming neighborhood coffee shop in the Outer Sunset--Trouble Coffee Company.  It had great coffee and the BEST cinnamon toast! I think what makes this place special is the service and barista(s).  They are super friendly and helpful.  If you are ever in the area, I recommend you drop by for a quick coffee and cinnamon toast.  There are about 8 counter stools and a bench out front.

More to come soon!  xo, Stacey