Misty and Josh's wedding was a simple and intimate affair, full of love and laughter, friends and family. :)  When Erik and I arrived, Misty and her cute self was anxiously pacing, happy to have her favorite snack of Wheat Thins to help calm her nerves--OK so the champagne helped too. :)  Why the nerves?  Outside of the obvious, the forecast for their California winery wedding was a rare snow storm.  GREAT!!!  My heart broke for her knowing the disappointment she must be feeling coming all the way to California from Oklahoma. But weather miracles do happen and the weather was GORGGGG-EOUS!   As the weather lightened so did the mood--lots and lots of giggles among Misty and her peeps.  Who can forget the handsome groom and his charming dimples and tender spirit.  Nervous as can be, bending his knees to keep them from buckling, Josh couldn't wait to see Misty.  You can see the joy and elation on his face when Misty walked down the aisle. :) Their chemistry was so sweet, so endearing!  A special thanks to Kimberlyn Hall of Blueberry Hill Events and Vintners Inn for creating a magical day.  xo, Stacey

When I saw her dress, I nearly flipped!!!  The dress was even the muse for the cake designer.  

I never cry at weddings, especially at weddings I am photographing.  However, when Misty's sister, Aimee, pulled me aside to tell me that she was secretly going to pin a special locket of their mom into Misty's dress, I got all teary eyed.  Misty's mom had passed away which made the jester all the more touching.


Since Misty's wedding ceremony "had" to be moved inside because of the inclement weather, I decided to take her photos in the area where she was originally planning on having her ceremony.

I love this pic of Misty.  I had asked her to grab her dress to swoosh it and grabbed this candid.  I love how the bend in her body mirrors the bend in the vines in the background.

Doesn't she belong in a bridal magazine!  Beautiful!

My gentleman of a husband and my second shooter, Erik, offered Misty his coat.  I love how his coat swims on her tiny frame. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Josh's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.  His eyes popped open at seeing her. :)

The lantern was in honor of her mom.

Love this pic that Erik captured.  One of my faves. :)

I wish I had more time to photograph Misty and Josh.  They were so much fun to photograph! But is was time to get the party started.  For the short time that the fab and amazing wedding planner Kimberlyn Hill owner of Blueberry Hills Events had in switching the venue from outside to inside, the ceremony and reception rooms were beautiful.  I especially loved the lanterns she hung in the ceremony room.

See how the cake matched the dress! :)  LOVE IT!

A moment right before their grand entrance.

Her sister gave a heart felt toast and announced the secret "package" pinned inside the lining of Misty's dress.

Josh reacting to the HYSTERICAL toast by his best man Ryan.  

Love the sweet chemistry!

Another fun pic by Erik!