Child and Family Lifestyle Photos: Alamo Family, Alamo, CA (Sunday, February 7, 2010)

Words cannot begin to express how truly grateful and lucky I am.  I am doing what I enjoy, photographing the most amazing big and little people.  I get to meet the best families, couples, kids and babies, and no matter what happens we always seem to have such a great time. I leave each session feeling like I have new best friends. :)

And this Alamo family is no exception.  Because of the the recent rain, we decided to move the photo session back a day hoping to skirt the rain issue.  The mom had a fabulous idea of doing the majority of the session at this abandoned wood and brick house that was about a block and a half away from their home.  With their little red wagon and family of 4 in tow, we headed on an adventure to the wood and brick house with the blue door.  We stopped on the way so their 3-year-old could throw sticks in the stream and listen to the water "rush" under the street. Once there, Daddy and son threw the football and played chase while their 2-month-old "hung" out or sometimes on Mommy and rested in the red wagon. Once we returned home, my sweet and happy family tumbled and tickled in their bed.  And before I knew it, it was time for me to go home. What a truly inspiring photo session.  This loving family gave me so many things to photograph.  Another fun session!