Personal | Erik's Swim in the Bay at Aquatic Park | San Francisco, CA

The boys and I headed into San Francisco yesterday to watch Erik swim in the bay at Aquatic Park. Erik is training for an Ironman next year and will also be participating in several triathlons prior.  What is CRAZY, is that he just learned how to swim 6 weeks ago (thanks to our good friend Heidi) and he is now swimming a mile, in COLD (very COLD) water in the bay about once a week.  Charlie and Max thought it was the coolest, but I think they enjoyed rolling (literally) around in the sand and playing in the water more. xo, Stacey

YES they did anyway! :)


Heading home from a shoot today, I decided to take a detour to view Mount Diablo from my favorite bluff.  And a what a view it was (pic 1)!  Coincidently, I got a text from Erik at the same time with pic #2. He had taken the boys up to play in the snow. :)  Then coming home I saw this cool old truck parked on our street (pic 3).  Funny thing is, if you look close enough, the owner of the vehicle was in the vehicle the whole time I was taking pics, and I didn't realize it until I got home. LOL :)  xo, Stacey

Erik's text photo from his i-phone at Mt. Diablo.


Well I have to admit, I've really come to love this sport thanks to my boys.  Erik grew up riding motocross with his dad and now is carrying on the tradition with Charlie and Max.  So when the pros come to town it has become a family tradition that we go to the supercross races.  We spend the whole day there visiting the pits, checking out practice and qualifying rounds, opening show, races, complete with hot chocolate and cotton candy.  This year the AMA Supercross moved to the Oakland Colleseium from AT&T Park in San Francisco.  I was bummed when I had my telephoto 70-200mm lens "confiscated" because I did not have media credentials.  It didn't matter much anyway since it was raining off and on and I didn't get too many pics.  But the rain made for some exciting racing--lots of slipping and sliding.  I sat next to Charlie, and he was a doll cheering for his favorite rider Yamaha 450 rider #7 James Stewart while Max fell asleep on Erik.  Charlie even made a sign to show James his support :) ( I made a sign too!) Did I mention that Charlie is an encyclopedia of knowledge on supercross. To top the night off Charlie's rider won his class and my 2 riders won first and second in their class. Boo-Yeah! xo, Stacey


Ohhh..I have missed you sweet blog of mine. :)  January was suppose to be my month off after my hectic busy season.  But I have been busy shooting: a Bat Mitzvah, commercial photos for Bar Method, boudoir sessions for Valentine's Day, amongst other things.  I also went to Imaging USA in San Antonio, TX to join my BFF from Oklahoma City and met some amazing photographers whom I now call friends. :) I am very excited about what 2011 holds including: upcoming weddings, engagements, more boudoirs, child and family sessions, maternity and newborn sessions.

So since I haven't done a personal blog in a LONGGGG time, I thought I would take the next post or 2 to let you know what my family has been up to.  

On Super Bowl Sunday morning, Erik ran an 1/2 marathon in San Francisco. The fam got up at 6:00 am for an 8:00 am start time.  Charlie had the quote of the day,  "Daddy, DON'T EVER WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT AGAIN!"  I guess he takes after his mommy. :)  But as you can see, he was VERY happy to see his Daddy at the finish line.  Oh... did I mention the unseasonably gorgeous weather we had.  It was 68 degrees when we drove in and 82 degrees at the close of the race.

After we dropped Erik off at the start, the boys and I hung out at a very quaint (yes very quaint) yet charming neighborhood coffee shop in the Outer Sunset--Trouble Coffee Company.  It had great coffee and the BEST cinnamon toast! I think what makes this place special is the service and barista(s).  They are super friendly and helpful.  If you are ever in the area, I recommend you drop by for a quick coffee and cinnamon toast.  There are about 8 counter stools and a bench out front.

More to come soon!  xo, Stacey


Hi all! My "Tax" season is officially over. Phew! I can now catch up on sleep! :)  And as you can see, my boys are happy. They would ask me every day, "Are you done with your pics yet?"

Anyways...I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone--clients, friends, family, mentors--for supporting me this year.  I couldn't have done it without all of your encouragement. :) As you all know, I LOVE what I do! And I can't wait to find out what 2011 has in store!  Now I'm off to hibernate for the next month or so...May your holidays be happy, bright and full of joy and laughter! :) xo, Stacey


I have so MUCH I want to blog--among other things: Halloween parties, photo sessions, Giants World Series, blah, blah blah!  But not enough time.  So since I haven't blogged some personal pics in awhile I found 2 this week that I love of my boys. One of Max at a Halloween party in his Darth Maul costume that he has been wearing ALL week long and the boys at the pumpkin patch sitting on the tracker trailer.

Happy Halloween everyone and GO Giants!!!!

I am off to another shoot! :)

Personal: Electra Blue Bike with Betty Basket Liner

My boys love all things bikes.  So last fall I decided to purchase a bike to ride with them--an aqua/cream Electra Super Deluxe 3i 3-speed cruiser with basket.  I also found a super cute Betty Basket Liner that also serves as a shopping bag for when I go to the farmer's market. Okay, so I must confess, I haven't gone to the Farmer's Market yet, but it is nice to dream. One of these days...

So, I hadn't really ridden a bike in quite some time.  I felt like an kid--an awkward kid none the less-when I first got on my bike this week. And even though my boys rode circles around me, I had fun.  Charlie kept saying to me "Mom, passing you on the outside" as we rode in circles in and around our driveway. 

Child Lifestyle Photos: Charlie and Max, Walnut Creek, CA (Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

Have I told you how much I love my boys?!  Charlie, my 5-year-old, knows how to manipulate his mommy to get what he wants.  And of course I let him. :)  He has been grounded from SpongeBob for at least a week for not listening.  So he says to me yesterday, "Mommy, if you let me watch SpongeBob, I will let you do a photo shoot with me."  This is huge deal since he never let's me take photos of him.  And of course his brother, Max, had to join in on the fun.


Personal: Max using new Nikon lens, Pleasant Hill, CA (Saturday, March 13, 2010)

I am exhausted!  I thought that I was actually going to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, but for the time change. ugh! :( Anyways, it has been a great day!  We had Charlie's opening day for baseball; I had a great family photo session; and I actually did some house cleaning.

I know that my recent postings have been short on pics, and that's because I am working on a new project with a great friend and business partner that we hope to be launching soon.  We are both so excited and can't wait to share it. :)

So today's posting is a pic of Max taken during Charlie's baseball game with my new 50mm lens.  (I hope to post more pics from Charlie's game later next week.)  It is very rare these days for me to grab a pic of Max smiling at the camera.  The only way I was able to grab this pic was because 1) Charlie wasn't around to encourage his brother NOT to take the pic; and 2) I bribed him with gum.  He LOVES gum! :)

Personal: Charlie using new Nikon lens, Walnut Creek, CA (Wednesday, March 10, 2010)

Yippee!  I feel like it is Christmas. :)  I came home today to find packages on my doorstep containing my new Nikon lens, a Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4/G and my new Shootsac. They were "gifts" from my Grandparents.  While cleaning out my desk, I came across some old US Savings Bonds that my Grandparents purchased for me when I was born.  The bonds had matured and so I decided to cash them in and get the lens I have been dying to get as well as a Shootsac for my photo sessions. I love how a gift that they purchased MANY years ago can give me such joy today.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Here is a pic I took of Charlie with my new lens. 

Personal: Charlie's Baseball Scrimmage, Pleasant Hill, CA (Saturday, March 6, 2010)

Charlie and his best bud since he was 6-moths-old, "Squints" had their first baseball scrimmage today against the Phillies.  I can't believe that these boys are already playing baseball. I remember when they were chewing on baseballs and swinging their big plastic mixing spoons.  Now they are chewing "Big League Chew" and swinging aluminum baseball bats.  Go Yankees!

Personal: Max's 3rd Birthday, Walnut Creek, CA (February 16-18, 2010)

My baby turned 3-years-old this week.  Max is often described as "Dennis the Menace" because he is often up to no good.  He will do anything for laugh risking the fact that he will get in trouble or get hurt.  His older brother Charlie is his biggest fan and often encourages his silliness.  Max is a lover of trains, Cars, and (as you can see from his themed birthday) Toy Story.  If he had his choice he would live off of milk, "Daddy Juice," French fries, Cheerios, gum and sweets. He loves to cuddle especially in the morning with his face 1/2 inch from Mommy's face.  He loves to run and play chase and tell potty mouth jokes especially with his big bro Charlie and best bud Jack.  He is a "leader" and has taught Jack what it is to be a 2-year-old boy.  And I expect he will teach him how to be a 3-year-old boy, too.  We love Max for so many reasons especially for his energy, his sense of humor, his smile, his kind heart and most of all for just being Max. :)  Happy Birthday, son!  We hope you had a great birthday week. :) ...and more to come at Grandpa's and Mimi's.

Max's 3rd birthday party with his brother, his cousin, and couple of his buds. He chose his "Toy Story" theme and his guest list.

Personal: Valentine's Day, Walnut Creek, CA (Sunday, February 14, 2010)

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day!  All I wanted to do for Valentine's Day was sleep until at least 8:00 and spend the day with my wonderful family.  I got  1 1/2 of my wishes. :) (The boys got me up at 7:45.  I'll take it.)  In the morning, we made Valentine's for each other. Max, bless his 2 almost 3-year-old heart,  wrapped up (i.e. wadded up) the Valentine he made for Daddy in tissue paper and put it in a bag.  He drew an ear, yes an ear. He was so very proud.  Charlie drew a house and rainbow with my help.  (I am definitely not a drawer.)  Daddy loved all of his Valentine's. :)

Personal: 2010 AMA Supercross, AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA (Saturday, January 30, 2010)

I can't believe a week ago we were sitting at AT&T Park in San Francisco enjoying the 2010 AMA Supercross races.  We had a blast.  Surprisingly,  I don't know who had more fun, me or my boys.  All 3 of my guys LOVE supercross.  They know the riders, their names, their numbers and even their sponsors and type of dirt bike they ride.  When Erik bought tickets to the races as a family event, I decided I better pick a rider or two to follow so I have someone to cheer on.  We cruised the pit before the races began where we got to meet some of the riders including 250 rider #100 Josh Hansen and the legendary Ricky Carmichael.  Charlie couldn't wait to get to the races, "When can we go to see the riders race, Daddy?" We sat in the family section to watch races and show which included fireworks, yummy food (pulled pork sandwiches, popcorn, cotton candy), and mid-show dirt bike stunts.  The races were exciting including some crashes and passes. We kept warm with a mid-show break of very hot chocolate. The boys were troopers and lasted the whole night.  The winner of the 450s was #2 Ryan Villapoto of Monster Energy Kawasaski (Charlie was cheering for him).  And the winner of the 250s was #38 Trey Canard riding a Honda.  We will definitely do this again next year. :)

Child and Family Lifestyle Photos: Vacation, New Years Week, Tahoe, CA (Monday, December 28, 2009 - Friday, January 1, 2010)

What a great and happy way to spend New Years week with great friends and great fun!  We spent the time skiing, sledding, dancing, singing, eating, hot tubbing, laughing, BBQing, watching movies, playing Star Wars to name a few.  Thanks "B" family!  We had an incredible time! :)  Here are some pics of the week.