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Family fun!  I don't do as many as I use to but when I do photograph families, I am just well...reminded how much I LOVE them! And I loved photographing this beautiful family.  Lots of laughter and love!  In celebration of Little "M"'s first birthday, Mom baked a cake (a yummy lemon cake with lavender frosting, I digress) for cake smashing fun--cake smashing turned into a cake fight once Mom and Dad got involved. (see last photo.) Enjoy! xoxo, Stacey

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I have been waiting to post these photos so Mom can have some time to send out her birth announcements. dear friend Andrea and her wonderful hubby, Tom, are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! I can't believe it was over a year ago that I photographed their wedding!  Andrea and Tom are BOTH huge fans of '80s and '90s rock including Van Halen and Guns N' Roses and decorated little Jake's nursery accordingly. It is so sweet how Tom plays the guitar for his son while he sleeps. And well....Andrea is such a natural at this mom thing. LOVE it! Enjoy! xoxo, Stacey

Are you ready for your close up Jake? :)  His Mommy had this brilliant idea about photographing her little guy on this wagon.  LOVE it! :)

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Fun family session with an "old" friend of mine and his beautiful family!!! James and I were in the same class at a small, private Catholic elementary school for 8 years where our class size was a mere 30 kids. And so when he and his super sweet wife contacted me to photograph their family, I was a delighted!!!...And to photograph these two sweet little darling!!! Big sis would help her little sis in the session (see photos below) by singing, hugging, dancing and telling secrets. Adorable!!! Enjoy their sneak peak! xo, Stacey

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...and baby makes 3.  Yes!!! 3 kids all 4-years-old and under. :)  How our dear friends do it, I don't know but one thing is for sure it involves a lot of patience. :)  With 2 little boys, running around, it was a challenge to wrangle them up to get photos with their little sis. With a little help from modern invention--the iPhone--we were able to grab a family photo (look closely at the family photo below). :)  One of my favorites moments was when I was taking photos of Daddy with little sis, her big brothers were running circles around and through Daddy's legs. Enjoy the sneak peak!!! xo, Stacey

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About 2 weeks ago, I received a call from the hubby of one of my clients.  And let me say I NEVER get calls from the husbands to do a photo session. :)  He wanted to surprise his wife for Mother's Day with updated photos of their 3 kids as well as a couple with daddy and the kids.  :)  WHAT A FANTASTIC AND SUPER THOUGHTFUL GIFT!!!  We secretly met at their home on an early Friday morning after mommy left to work and before daddy dropped the kiddos off at school and went to work himself.  The kids were dressed and ready and we captured some awesome shots.  Now the challenge was having the 3 kids (all under the age of 5) to keep daddy's secret.  :)  Well...the kids kept mum and mommy was VERY surprised and LOVED her gift. The funny part of the story is that on my way home from the daddy photo session, she scheduled a full session for the following Tuesday for the kids.  Good thing she wanted individual pix of them. :)  You will see that post within the next week too! :)  Here are a couple of the photos daddy selected for mommy! HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!! xo, Stacey


One of my last sessions that I photographed for the holiday season...or so I thought. :) Before I put this blog to sleep for a couple of weeks, I have 2 newborn shoots, an engagement party and a couple other holiday shoots to complete and post.

In the meantime, a sneak peak of this stunning family.  The theme was Caillou. To "help" this cutie, patootie look towards the camera, I played episodes of Caillou on my i-phone. The problem, not only did he want to look towards Caillou he wanted to hold and watch Caillou. See the 9th pic below. :) xo, Stacey p.s. yes it is 3:00 am. I must be nuts. :)



In a word--COLOR..okay maybe 2--CUTENESS!  I chuckle when I think of my chats with Valerie in prep for their session. :)  She was worried that there wouldn't be enough vivid color in the pictures.  Not only did I find closets full of color but their bedrooms were LOADED and I mean LOADED in color. :)  LOOOVVVEEE IT!!! And of course I had to take pics of each of the girls in their rooms. Aren't they adorable! Their eldest daughter was begging--and I mean begging--her mom to take a pic in the tree.  I have to say, kids often have the best ideas for photos.  And this was no exception. :) It was one of my faves from the sessions!  Thanks "K" family for a session full of color and girlie giggles!

This pic is a tradition.  Valerie takes a photo of the girls on this bench every year for their Christmas card.  I LOVE tradition!


I love my neighborhood!  One of the main reasons I love my neighborhood of Silver Hills are my WONDERFUL neighbors. :)  And Lyndee and her adorable family are no exception!  We had an adventure on their session--hiking the hills and trails backing up to our neighborhood.  And I couldn't believe it, we made it to the top overlooking Diablo Valley.  It was a beautiful day. :)  We saw cows grazing on the hill and even a paraglider on the top of the ridge.  The kids--and yes, you too Tim--were such troopers.  Actually, the kids were the ones who wanted to go to the very top where the light was incredible!  Thanks "H" family for another fun and fabulous session!


I am in the heart of doing family photo sessions for Christmas cards. Oftentimes family photo sessions are challenging--coordinating the family and getting them to casually pose yet be themselves all at the same time.  Well...this family session was a breeze.  It was very refreshing.  John (aka Dad) even had some sweet music playing. :)  To further the fun, Julie (aka Mom) wanted to do a family pic with them running and jumping (see last pic below).  Kudos to Julie for this great suggestion! Oh and did I mention how much we laughed throughout this session.  Our jaws hurt from all the smiling we did.  Thanks "C" family for not only an easy session but a session full of laughs and silliness. :)


I just love Tiff and her family.  Tiff was my first "real" client so our sessions are very sentimental to me.  When Tiff answered the door, she was still dressed in work-out sweats and having one of those "crazy" days. When she went upstairs to get ready, she came down dressed head to toe in color--every colorful piece of clothing in her wardrobe including an apron. Creative points for her pulling the formal living room couch out to the yard for pics!  When we were done with the session, she let me snap some pics of her on the couch--check out those legs!!! Thanks again Tiff for your continued support. :)

Peak-a-boo, I see you...


Sara and Matt's 2 boys were such cutie patooties!  I loved how much little bro "B" looked up to his big bro "L."  We started by taking some pics in their flat where we got some adorable pics of little bro "B."  He was totally hamming it up for the camera.  I will post some of those pics soon.  We headed out to explore their adorable neighborhood.  I just loved the reaction people on the street had for the boys.  In the fifth pic where the boys are siting in front of a mural, I looked up from my camera to find a small crowd had gathered and they were all googling over the boys.  I wish I got a pic of the crowd.  What another fun day! Thanks "E" family. :)

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I ran into Heather at Target and not but 3 days later she had Baby Girl "P"!  She wasn't due for a couple weeks and leave it to Facebook to find out Heather had her baby. As with newborns, I try to shoot them within the first 10 days as they are the most sleepy.  And Baby "P", well... she was having nothing to do with the sleep thing.  So, I just kind of went with it and got some really cute and fun pics of her with her family.  Her older bro was a hoot.  He kept wanting to flush the toilet over and over again.  I will post a pic later on of him playing the toilet game. :)  Anyway, 4 hours later, Heather and I finally got Baby "P" to go to sleep.  Thanks "M" family for a great day!