newborn fine art photography | baby boy 12-days-old & family | pleasant hill, ca

I have been waiting to post these photos so Mom can have some time to send out her birth announcements. dear friend Andrea and her wonderful hubby, Tom, are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! I can't believe it was over a year ago that I photographed their wedding!  Andrea and Tom are BOTH huge fans of '80s and '90s rock including Van Halen and Guns N' Roses and decorated little Jake's nursery accordingly. It is so sweet how Tom plays the guitar for his son while he sleeps. And well....Andrea is such a natural at this mom thing. LOVE it! Enjoy! xoxo, Stacey

Are you ready for your close up Jake? :)  His Mommy had this brilliant idea about photographing her little guy on this wagon.  LOVE it! :)

newborn fine art photography | baby girl 8-days-old + family | san francisco, ca

Shadi and Rob had their sweet baby girl!  It seems like we JUST did their maternity session. :) Little Baby Girl "H" was so fun to photograph!  I have never had a baby "pose" and stay in position for me while they were still awake. (see first photo) Thank you Shadi and Rob for giving me the opportunity to photograph your growing family! Your little girl is so lucky to have you as parents! Enjoy! xoxo, Stacey

newborn fine art photography | baby girl 14-days-old + family | san francisco, ca

...and baby makes 3.  Yes!!! 3 kids all 4-years-old and under. :)  How our dear friends do it, I don't know but one thing is for sure it involves a lot of patience. :)  With 2 little boys, running around, it was a challenge to wrangle them up to get photos with their little sis. With a little help from modern invention--the iPhone--we were able to grab a family photo (look closely at the family photo below). :)  One of my favorites moments was when I was taking photos of Daddy with little sis, her big brothers were running circles around and through Daddy's legs. Enjoy the sneak peak!!! xo, Stacey


Happy New Year!  Well, I snuck out of hibernation for this special shoot. I've known Audrey nearly 4 years now thanks to The Bar Method (she co-owns the Walnut Creek and San Ramon studios).  She's been a great supporter of my photography and a woman I find inspiring for her fitness and business savvy .  I'm lucky to have her friendship.     

Baby girl "A" came 5-weeks early! An early Christmas present for Mom and Dad. Baby "A" entered this world into anxious, joyful arms, and is surrounded by love and admiration.   I had the pleasure of photographing her at the ripe old age of five weeks.  :)  (Coincidentally, I took the photos on her actually due date!) And guess where Baby "A"’s favorite place to be is?? Yes, in the arms of Mommy or Daddy!  

Audrey & Justin,  I am so happy for you!  I can't wait to take more and more photos of your growing family! xo, Stacey


Bath time!

This is a special heirloom of Audrey's family.  Her father had this toy dragon when he was a child, and it has since been passed on to Audrey and Baby "A."


And what would a "M" family post be without a pic of Simon.  I have to say, I got a ton of fun photos of Simon.  I could've done a whole post on Simon playing chase and resting under his favorite tree--(how cool would it be to have that tree in your backyard?)  


What a great note to end my year on with the newborn session of my dear friend's son. :)  If you didn't see some of my photos on my Facebook page, I took some initial photos at the hospital before they came home.  I'm thinking of offering that as an option to the traditional newborn sitting at home. Anyways...his mom and I had a blast finding some cool stuff in their home to pose him on.  Love you Baby "L," Mamma Tara, and Daddy Josh! xo, Stacey

Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photos | Baby Girl "P" 11-days-old | Walnut Creek, CA

I ran into Heather at Target and not but 3 days later she had Baby Girl "P"!  She wasn't due for a couple weeks and leave it to Facebook to find out Heather had her baby. As with newborns, I try to shoot them within the first 10 days as they are the most sleepy.  And Baby "P", well... she was having nothing to do with the sleep thing.  So, I just kind of went with it and got some really cute and fun pics of her with her family.  Her older bro was a hoot.  He kept wanting to flush the toilet over and over again.  I will post a pic later on of him playing the toilet game. :)  Anyway, 4 hours later, Heather and I finally got Baby "P" to go to sleep.  Thanks "M" family for a great day!

Newborn, Child & Family Lifestyle Photos: Baby Boy "C" 2-weeks-old, Danville Family, Danville, CA (Saturday, February 13, 2010)

Dimples, lashes and smiles sprinkle the faces of this gorgeous family of 5. I don't know how you do it, Mom and Dad, with a newborn baby boy, a 2-year-old boy, and a 3-year-old girl.  It helped me to have my secret weapon in my camera bag. Lollis!  We did have 1 melt down caught on camera. But it wouldn't be a true lifestyle photo session without at least 1 meltdown. In true superhero fashion, Mom was quick to swoop in with yummy Goldfish. In spite of that, the 2 eldest were very cooperative and a lot of fun, and it was probably because they knew I would sneak them a lolli whenever they would stand still long enough for me to snap a pic.  I even got a wink and smile from big sis (see pic below). Baby "C," on the other hand, was awake for the majority of the session when I needed him to be asleep. (Too bad I couldn't bribe him with a lolli.) I did, however, manage to get some great pics of him.  Thanks "P" family for letting me step into your home in order to capture a glimpse in pics of what is is to be a part of your family.  You guys are great!

Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photos: Baby Girl "J" 9-days-old and Alamo Family, Alamo, CA (Friday, February 5, 2010)

2 becomes 3 with the addition of Baby Girl "J."  And she is gorgeous just like her Mommy. :)  It is hard to believe I just did this beautiful mom's maternity photo session 2 1/2 weeks ago. I knew from the maternity session that these parents were already in love with their daughter and it sure showed during their session.  Daddy couldn't even leave the room without kissing his sweet little girl, and Mommy knew just how to settle her down if she got fussy (which was very rare.)  Baby "J" was alert for a lot of the session with eyes wide open and lips a pucker.  This session was full of fun, laughs, and "oohhhs!" not to mention the poop, the pee, the spit up. (All in a days work, or I like to think about it, play.)  And a special thanks to Baby "J"'s Grandma for all of her help.  Thank you "H" family for the privilege to photograph Baby "J".

Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photos: Baby Boy "M" 6-days-old and Danville Family, Danville, CA (Tuesday, December 8, 2009)

I find such joy in photographing families of newborns.  Baby boy "M" was just 6-days-old and the sweetest little peanut measuring 18" and 7.2 oz.  Big sis "G" (2-years-old) was still trying to figure this whole baby thing out.  She loved to ham it up in front of the camera when baby brother wasn't around.  Dad was such a trouper, relaxed as can be and so proud of his beautiful family.  And Mom with her gentle and kind demeanor helped to coax and bribe her 2-year-old into sitting with her little bro.  And with the lightest stroke of her finger to Baby "M's" middle brow, Mom was able sooth Baby "M" into quiet slumber.  Thank you "B" family for giving me the honor to photograph your gorgeous family.