Intimate City Hall Wedding | Sharni+Ryan | San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA

Their story reads like a fairytale. Sharni and Ryan met while working as summer camp counselors--Sharni at the girls' camp and Ryan at the boys' camp.  The perfect premise for a John Hughes movie. They spent their days off together going to movies and concerts, hanging out, and well...falling in love. Sharni left camp thinking she would never see Ryan again and her heart broke.  Fast forward years later... Ryan's job and Sharni's post-graduate Master's program brought them both to the Bay Area.  Sharni had her dream guy, dream job and was planning her dream wedding set for the fall in Oregon.  But like in any movie, there is a dramatic turn.  Sharni is Canadian and her visa was denied. She had 7 days to leave the country, leave her job, and leave her man. Tears were flowing!  What to do?  So they decided to get married in a private ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. Her mom flew in as well as Ryan's folks and sister. And it was a beautiful and emotional ceremony.  I was so happy to be a part of the day. (They are still planning their big and beautiful wedding ceremony this fall in Oregon.)  Sharni and Ryan, Thank you so much for...well...just being you and being so in love. You two are amazing! Enjoy! :) xoxo, Stacey