engagement | amy + ryan | newport beach, ca

I have to be perfectly honest with you. I often get the case of the blues after shooting a wedding.  I spend so much time with my bride and groom that well....I miss them.  So when I got to go to Newport Beach for Amy and Ryan's engagement session, my spirits were lifted. Our first meeting at my favorite cafe in Danville lasted 2+ hours.  And I couldn't wait to hang with them again for their engagement session. They were up for anything, and not to mention easy on the eyes. :) I even got to meet the mother-of-the-bride and Molly their precious little "girl." Molly with the help of Mom even met up with us at the beach.  (See photos below.)  Amy and Ryan chose the venues to shoot their engagement session--Balboa Island, a cool bar/restaurant, and the beach--of course!  Ryan, the "DD," had us driving up and down Newport Coast--even at one point stopping to get fuel where I made them stand in front of a mural.   Thanks, Amy and Ryan, for a terrific, fun day.  I can't wait to see you September. Enjoy your extended "sneak peak" of your engagement photos! xo, Stacey

Then we took the fairy over to Balboa Island.

The fairy back to Newport.

To the beach for sunset with their sweetie pie, Molly! :)

I think Molly is a little jealous. :)