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About 2 weeks ago, I received a call from the hubby of one of my clients.  And let me say I NEVER get calls from the husbands to do a photo session. :)  He wanted to surprise his wife for Mother's Day with updated photos of their 3 kids as well as a couple with daddy and the kids.  :)  WHAT A FANTASTIC AND SUPER THOUGHTFUL GIFT!!!  We secretly met at their home on an early Friday morning after mommy left to work and before daddy dropped the kiddos off at school and went to work himself.  The kids were dressed and ready and we captured some awesome shots.  Now the challenge was having the 3 kids (all under the age of 5) to keep daddy's secret.  :)  Well...the kids kept mum and mommy was VERY surprised and LOVED her gift. The funny part of the story is that on my way home from the daddy photo session, she scheduled a full session for the following Tuesday for the kids.  Good thing she wanted individual pix of them. :)  You will see that post within the next week too! :)  Here are a couple of the photos daddy selected for mommy! HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!! xo, Stacey