engagement | kc + sid | san francisco, ca

Her favorite movie is Knotting Hill. His is Smokey and the Bandit.  She describes her celebrity relationship as Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner.  He describes their relationship as Peter and Peg Griffin (Family Guy).  Yet, KC and Sid couldn't be more PERFECT for each other. :)  He is the ying to her yang. :) KC and Sid flew in from Las Vegas, where they live and work, for their engagement session. KC and Sid stayed with her sister (and maid of honor) in the Marina in San Francisco which is where we ended up doing the shoot. I love it when my bride and groom are up for anything. :)  On a side note it was VERY windy!!!  As a photographer, I love the wind it provides "movement" and interest in a photo.  But as a girl, I hate how it messes up my hair and how my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss. :)  Yet, KC didn't complain, she made it work for her.  Did I mention, I had her sitting in a crowded bar windows, walking EVERYWHERE in heels and not to mention getting a little bit of good luck on her--WINK, WINK! KC :). And Sid, on the other hand, just played along with my crazy ideas. :)   Enjoy!!! xo, Stacey

The following photo was inspired by the final scene in Knotting Hill.

All I will say is those EYES!!!! Yes they are that blue and BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

HELLO....Romantic!!!!  I love how they have a special smile for each other.