engagement | penny + drew | hotel vitale | japanese tea garden | san francisco, ca

When Penny and I first met, we chatted for almost 2 hours and basically "planned" out her entire wedding photo timeline, and she hadn't even hired me yet. :) Details, details, details--Penny is all about the details. :)  Penny even describes herself as "organized and hardworking."  But she is a lot more than that--"Penny is sweet, smart and beautiful," to quote Drew. :) Then there is Drew, who is OHH SOO in-love with Penny.  Look how he looks at her!!! This couple was too cute for words and I hated to see the session end. I can't wait for their wedding in September. :)  xo, Stacey

P.S. Penny and Drew have two goldfish named Marty and Pinkerton, and one day, they would like to get a dachshund and enter him in the wiener dog races at UC Davis' annual Picnic Day--their alma mater. :)

A shout out to Hotel Vitale--an amazing, beautiful hotel with the most friendly, accomodating staff!!!  By the way, if you are looking for a chic place to get married with incredible views and a great local, HotelVitale might just be the venue for you. :)  Check it out!  And thanks to Jill for hooking me up to shoot part of Penny and Drew's engagement session here. :) 

HELLO!  Can you believe the views from one of the 2 terraces?!?! :)

The staff even opened up the bar and restaurant for us! :)

Then off across town we went to the Japanese Tea Garden where the cherry blossoms were still in bloom--perfect for Penny, the Northern California Cherry Blossom Queen almost 10 years ago. :)  We had the garden ALL to ourselves after it closed.  What a treat!!! I could have shot here rest of the evening.

When exiting the garden, we happened upon a woman carrying balloons.  Just our luck, she gave them to use to use. :)  Poor Drew!  I kept making him jump up with them over and over again.  I did get some AWESOME shots of him jumping but I loved this one the most because he appears he is happily running to his bride bearing gifts. :)

Penny and Drew's favorite movie to watch together is Slumdog Millionaire.  So this is our version of one of the movie stills. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pic!