Tara, Lafayette, CA

As you can see I have updated my blog-site.  I decided to go with a cleaner blog space to show my photos.  My great and talented friend Jesse of j. rose creations created a beautiful logo for me.  I had one main request and that was to incorporate my favorite color kelly green into the logo--a challenge at that. :)  And I just love what she came up with.  Thanks Jesse!

And with that, I introduce you to an amazing woman whom I have known for over 3 years.  We had such a blast on this shoot.  We were racing around Lafayette to a couple of locations--chasing the natural light.  And oh things I put her through to get the last 2 shots. :)  I captured those 2 photos after the sun had set--it was practically dark out--on my favorite bluff overlooking the valley and Mount Diablo.  People driving by were probably like, "What is she doing taking pictures in the dark?" :)