Child Lifestyle Photos: Toddler Girl "S", Alamo, CA (Thursday, July 8, 2010)

...juggling photograpging weddings, anniversaries, commercial shoots, child and family lifestyle shoots, houseguests, friends, family, birthdays, summer fun.  LIFE!  :)  With all the joys of life happening around me, my poor, poor, blog has been neglected once again. :( is a taste of a recent child lifestyle photo session. This little sweetheart from Arizona was a true doll. Her gem of a mom wanted me to capture the essence of her precocious daughter.  What fun I had chasing her around the yard. Whether she was dressed in her tutu, leg warmers or just bare feet, she gave me a run for my money.  I couldn't stop smiling at her.  And those eyes...depending on how the light would catch, they would twinkle green as well as blue. (One thing to note,  her mom was spot on in the way she stylized her daughter with lots of color.  I love color!!!)