Personal: Max using new Nikon lens, Pleasant Hill, CA (Saturday, March 13, 2010)

I am exhausted!  I thought that I was actually going to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, but for the time change. ugh! :( Anyways, it has been a great day!  We had Charlie's opening day for baseball; I had a great family photo session; and I actually did some house cleaning.

I know that my recent postings have been short on pics, and that's because I am working on a new project with a great friend and business partner that we hope to be launching soon.  We are both so excited and can't wait to share it. :)

So today's posting is a pic of Max taken during Charlie's baseball game with my new 50mm lens.  (I hope to post more pics from Charlie's game later next week.)  It is very rare these days for me to grab a pic of Max smiling at the camera.  The only way I was able to grab this pic was because 1) Charlie wasn't around to encourage his brother NOT to take the pic; and 2) I bribed him with gum.  He LOVES gum! :)