Personal: Max's 3rd Birthday, Walnut Creek, CA (February 16-18, 2010)

My baby turned 3-years-old this week.  Max is often described as "Dennis the Menace" because he is often up to no good.  He will do anything for laugh risking the fact that he will get in trouble or get hurt.  His older brother Charlie is his biggest fan and often encourages his silliness.  Max is a lover of trains, Cars, and (as you can see from his themed birthday) Toy Story.  If he had his choice he would live off of milk, "Daddy Juice," French fries, Cheerios, gum and sweets. He loves to cuddle especially in the morning with his face 1/2 inch from Mommy's face.  He loves to run and play chase and tell potty mouth jokes especially with his big bro Charlie and best bud Jack.  He is a "leader" and has taught Jack what it is to be a 2-year-old boy.  And I expect he will teach him how to be a 3-year-old boy, too.  We love Max for so many reasons especially for his energy, his sense of humor, his smile, his kind heart and most of all for just being Max. :)  Happy Birthday, son!  We hope you had a great birthday week. :) ...and more to come at Grandpa's and Mimi's.

Max's 3rd birthday party with his brother, his cousin, and couple of his buds. He chose his "Toy Story" theme and his guest list.