Banner Photo of the Week

I have decided (and I hope and pray I can keep it up), that I am going to post a new photo in my banner/header every Sunday. I decided to start today, on Valentine's Day, because 1 year ago today, my husband bought me my favorite lens for my camera which re-ignited my LOVE and passion for photography.  I have always practiced it, but never was never really that serious about it.  I always made excuses like "I just don't have time" to truly pursue this with the boys being so young (even though I was taking pics of them almost every day). Well, to be perfectly honest I was afraid.  I was afraid I wasn't any good.  And here I am 1 year later, with a photo blog (for all to see and criticize), a small photography business, and the up-start of a wedding photography business with my great friend.  What a year! And it all started with a gift of love from my loving thoughtful husband and his endless words of encouragement.  Words cannot begin to express how thankful and blessed I am. I love you, Honey!

So with that it is the first photo of the week on my banner.  It is one of the first photos I took a year ago of my boys with my Valentine's Day gift.