wedding | nicole + shaun | St. Antonious Coptic Orthodox Church, hayward, ca | civic park, walnut creek library, bing crosby's, walnut creek, ca

Nicole and Shaun's Coptic church ceremony was rich in tradition, with warm smells of incense, colorful robes and crowns.  The couple was surrounded by smiles, hugs and kisses from  family and friends.  I felt like part of the crew. :)  I loved the looks Nicole and Shaun would share during their wedding ceremony and how Nicole was giddy like a school girl. This couple had the sweetest chemistry. (Nicole and Shaun were married in a large public ceremony a year ago.)

You wouldn't know it by the pics, but rain was forecast the day of the wedding. YUCK!--especially since we planned on taking photos at Civic Park in Walnut Creek.  Well...all that worrying for nothing!  The weather turned out perfect.  For all of you wondering what the "Plan B" spot was...the Walnut Creek Library! My inspriation still fresh in my head, I convinced Nicole and Shaun to take some pics in the library where I happened to get some of my favorite photos of the day. :) Note to self: LOVED photographing in the library and will DEFINITELY use it again. :)

Enjoy the pics! P.S. And yes it did end up pouring that afternoon and evening. :)

Nicole made the cupcakes. Don't they look delish! :)