Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photos | Baby Girl "P" 11-days-old | Walnut Creek, CA

I ran into Heather at Target and not but 3 days later she had Baby Girl "P"!  She wasn't due for a couple weeks and leave it to Facebook to find out Heather had her baby. As with newborns, I try to shoot them within the first 10 days as they are the most sleepy.  And Baby "P", well... she was having nothing to do with the sleep thing.  So, I just kind of went with it and got some really cute and fun pics of her with her family.  Her older bro was a hoot.  He kept wanting to flush the toilet over and over again.  I will post a pic later on of him playing the toilet game. :)  Anyway, 4 hours later, Heather and I finally got Baby "P" to go to sleep.  Thanks "M" family for a great day!