Child Lifestyle Photos: Playdate at "Y" Family's Home, Walnut Creek, CA (Tuesday, January 5, 2010)

These 2 cutie pies spell T*R*O*U*B*L*E when they are together. :)  "J" is turning 3-years-old next week and my little Max will be 3-years-old next month.  When things get quiet, "J"'s mommy and I know something must be up.  And of course, we found them partying like rock stars in "J"'s elder sister's box of bling.  And then found them mudding themselves up in the backyard with water bottles. And of course I wish I had pulled my camera out faster to capture their mischief but they are too quick and run off to find more trouble before I am set. And having 2 boys I didn't realize how many "costume" changes a little girl can make in a matter of 2 hours from sun dresses in the middle of winter (granted we do live in Cali), to multiple princess dresses to no dresses. Charlie didn't know what to make of it. (Charlie and "K" have been friends since they were just 6-months-old.) What fun!...Oh and yes, and Max found a camera and was following me around trying to get my picture. "SMILE :), Mommy!"

This pic of "J" just cracked me up.  The expression on his face is just priceless. :)