Child and Family Lifestyle Photos: San Francisco Family, San Fancisco, CA (Saturday, January 23, 2010)

I always rush home after a photo session and can't wait to upload my pics and discover the treasures inside.  And this session was no exception.  There were so many yummy pics.  I had a hard time selecting which ones to post.  Sara was concerned that her 2-year-old son wouldn't want to take any pics and I ended up capturing  A LOT of cute pics of him.  He was even posing and hamming it up for me by the end of our session. :) Their adorable 3-month-old son didn't know what to make of my space invading camera. He would rather watch his brother and daddy play trains or listen to his "white noise."  Thank you Sara and Matt for sharing your day with me and allowing me to be a mommy-razzi with your gorgeous family. :)