Child and Family Lifestyle Photos: Alamo Family, Alamo, CA (Sunday, September 20, 2009)

A family of 6... I knew I was up for the challenge to capture the love, energy and beauty of this wonderful family.  The family included: both playful and loving mom and dad; a gentle, quiet and reserved, 6-year-old sister they all called "Sis"; a precocious (and quite the ham, may I add) 4-year-old boy; and a beautiful, very expressive 3 month old baby girl... and yes, a mild mannered dog named Valentine.  I knew I was going to love this family.  You can feel the warmth, happiness and fun emulating from them.  I had such a HARD time picking my favorite photos to post.  There were so many favorites! :)  So here are a few now and I'll post more later. Thank you for such a great session! :)