4th of July: Kids on Parade, Walnut Creek, CA (Saturday, July 4, 2009)

We were invited to participate in a neighborhood parade in the Woodlands area of Walnut Creek by our friends the Maddoxs, Lietzs and McMillians.  The parade was lead by the Contra Costa Fire Department and the Boy Scouts of America.  The neighborhood kids, families, and friends (which included us) decorated their bikes, trikes, strollers, scooters, wagons, (I even saw a grocery cart), with red, white and blue streamers, flowers, balloons, beads, you name it, to parade around the neighborhood. There had to be at least 100 kids alone. They threw candy and beads to the spectators lining the street.  It was a hoot! Thanks to the Maddoxs and Leitzs for providing all the yummy food and decorations. We missed you Heidi and Danny!