Child Lifestyle Event Photos: School Picnic, Charlie (4-years-old); Max (2-years-old); Samantha (2-years-old); Jake (4-years-old); Julia (9-years-old), Walnut Creek, CA (Wednesday, June 3, 2009)

Charlie's pre-school had a "picnic" to close out the year.  We "made" brownies and half of the mix ended up on Charlie's and Max's face and bellies.  Due to a freak downpour, the picnic was moved into the gym where all of the desserts were so tastefully displayed. Samantha enjoyed her sprinkle cupcake and offered me a bite. While the boys played with Jake and his older sister Julia. Thanks to Erik for running after the boys while I took some photos.

Before we left for the picnic, Charlie had the brilliant ides of removing the eyes off of one of his art projects and make googly eyes with his own face.  He thought it was really funny. :)