Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photos: Baby Boy "M" 6-days-old and Danville Family, Danville, CA (Tuesday, December 8, 2009)

I find such joy in photographing families of newborns.  Baby boy "M" was just 6-days-old and the sweetest little peanut measuring 18" and 7.2 oz.  Big sis "G" (2-years-old) was still trying to figure this whole baby thing out.  She loved to ham it up in front of the camera when baby brother wasn't around.  Dad was such a trouper, relaxed as can be and so proud of his beautiful family.  And Mom with her gentle and kind demeanor helped to coax and bribe her 2-year-old into sitting with her little bro.  And with the lightest stroke of her finger to Baby "M's" middle brow, Mom was able sooth Baby "M" into quiet slumber.  Thank you "B" family for giving me the honor to photograph your gorgeous family.