Child Lifestyle Photos: Charlie (4-years-old) and Max (2-years-old), Walnut Creek, CA (Sunday, November 1, 2009)

Have I told you how much I love our boys and how much I love that they love each other so much?! As different as they are, they play so well together.  These bros will and have played trains for what seems like hours together not to mention all the "chase" and fort building they do together.  And boy do they crack each other up (should I mention from all the potty talk/jokes they tell each other when Mommy isn't listening or so they think.) What a gift, the love of a brother!

Erik (i.e. Daddy) left for a fishing trip last Sunday for 4 days and my 2 little guys and I were left to bond over trains and Star Wars Blasters. And played games including a new game Charlie taught me called "Dead Man." We had a great few days.  We even had a sleep-over in Mommy's room with sleeping bags and movies. :)