Child and Family Lifestyle Photos: Alamo Family, Alamo, CA (Sunday, October 4, 2009)

Sneak Peak...

Lucky me! I got to photograph an adorable Alamo family of 4 plus a dog, Murphy, last Sunday.  It was so much fun. Mom the loving, all together multi-tasker: dressed the girls, danced and sang like Elmo, prepared snacks, prepped for a birthday party that evening and managed, as far as I could tell to do it all with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Dad went on a beer run, chased Murphy around, got the girls to giggle and play, changed a flat tire all during the course of our session and he didn't even get any grease or grime on his white shirt. The girls, 3-years-old and 11 months, are so adorable.  Older sis has these eyes to die for, and boy would they sparkle whenever her Mommy and Daddy danced and sang behind the camera.  Little sis with edible apple cheeks was super playful, playing hide-and-go-seek with her Daddy and playing ball with her Mommy.  Through it all, including wet bottoms from the wet grass, sand in the tights and shoes from the sandbox, and the yummy, yet sticky lollipop, we managed to get some adorable pics. 

Here are some pics with the lollipop.  It made me smile to see the joy on their faces from the simple sweetness of the giant lolli. When their tongues weren't licking it, the girls nor Murphy couldn't keep their eyes off of it. :)