Child and Family Lifestyle Photo: Charlie (4-years-old), Max (2-years-old), Erik (Daddy), Mimi (grandma), & Grandpa, Auburn, CA (Saturday, October 3, 2009)

So here are some more pics from our wonderful visit with my folks (i.e. Mimi and Grandpa) in Lake of the Pines, Auburn, CA.  I just love photographing my family especially when I can capture those amazing momments where they are enjoying the simple stuff.  We had such a good time swinging on the big oak tree, skipping rocks in the stream, playing Trac-Ball and running Grandpa's g-scale Santa Fe trains all in my folks' backyard.  Even an adventure on Grandpa's golf cart to the lakeside park was a hoot. :)  Here are just some of the pics from our weekend. :)