wedding day tips {tuxedo cummerbund} groom wardrobe

The cummerbund……the historical origin of the cummerbund is quite interesting.

 "It was first adopted by British military officers in colonial India as an alternative to a waistcoat, and later spread to civilian use.….Once it was adopted as civilian dress, beginning as a largely summer option with informal dinner jackets, such as Burmese fawn and white, it was restricted to the narrow range of colours which accompany black tie. These were predominantly black, sometimes midnight blue to match the trousers, and occasionally maroon (the normal hue for coloured accessories). The pleats face up because they were originally used to hold ticket stubs and similar items, explaining the slang name 'crumb-catcher'." Wikipedia

So all my grooms out there when wearing a cummerbund, wear it with the pleats facing up. Thank you Blair and Wikipedia for the the interesting information.